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Rape trigger

I don’t believe in life after death but some idiot I know does. Let’s call her Mary. I’m not against the belief itself but she convinces herself that she knows her and everybody’s past lives and has ‘flash-backs’. Like Mary says; ‘I remember this meat pie’ or ‘I remember being tied up in a prison cell’

I was nearly raped by this evil guy before I managed to luckily escape it was a couple years ago and I think Mary knew this. I remember the feeling of shame, terror and panic and although I was never properly raped, careless mentioning of it can be very triggering to me. And then one day Mary just randomly goes; ‘what if in a past life Kane (my ex) was Jack-the-ripper and P-J (me) was one of the worthless whores he raped and murdered’

Like I said nothing to her and she tried to claim I was a whore and carelessly mentioned rape to me. And then when I asked her to apologise she was all like; ‘what made you think you could tell me what to do/say’ like she had every right to hurt me and make me feel like worthless s***.

It’s not the only time she’s been rude and heartless. f***ing dick.


the days of my life


Annoyed and tired

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    Wow. Just wow

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