. Your casher does not make the rules.
2. Your delivery driver and waiter/ waitress make less than minimum wage and delivery charges do not go to the driver
3. They will NOT bend any rules for you because they like having a job and aren’t willing to risk losing it.
4. If you gripe about a line taking too long after you are done checking out all you are doing is adding wait time to other peoples day.
5. If you complain about a receipt check, then complain when people walk past its your own fault. You were taking up the employees and subsequently the other customers time. Your minor inconvenience inconvenienced the employee and those waiting behind you. Of COURSE they are going to go around you.
6. Delivery drivers have both a great and terrible job. Cause it makes sense to order food so someone else can risk THEIR life when there’s ice and snow everywhere. But at least you’re home safe and warm not covered in cold snow and water with soaking wet shoes.
7. Your waiter/waitress deserves a decent tip. They can be juggling up to ten tables or more at once. If they’re at least trying be nice. They are working and not your personal slaves
8. If you’re buying alcohol save everyone time hassle and headache. Bring. Your.I’d.with. You! Yes you AND anyone in line that is part of your group. Again with people not wanting to get fired.
Rules and laws are in place to cover everyone’s backside. Employer employee and customer. Customer service employees fast food workers and delivery drivers get to deal with a lot of peoples drama and anger and are expected to remain nice and helpful. If someone talked to you the way you talked to that cashier would you be mad at them? What if someone talked to your child that way? Yelled at them because they spilled their juice or yelled at them because they aren’t completely potty trained yet? Its how it is its not their fault. If you don’t want someone talking to you or your family or children a certain way then don’t talk to other people like that. That cashier is someone’s sibling child cousin or parent. They have feelings too. Don’t be a (pardon my French here) b%‪#‎ch‬ or an @$$ because you had a bad day. Its not their fault don’t take it out on them and if they’re a little frazzled be nice. Chances are they have been getting yelled at all day. Also to those who say if you want more money get a better job. There’s a few things there…
1. Education is expensive. Not everyone can afford it even with pell grants and the like.
2. If every person immediately got their degree and worked in their field there would be no one to flip your burger or slice your pizza or bring you your grease bucket to your table.
3. Not everyone is cut out for getting their degree. Anyone with depression or anxiety knows this. The education system seems to be built to make those with these types of issues fail. Its completely unfair. Sure if you have surgery or a disease etc they are more lenient about classes and when you step back etc. But things like anxiety and depression are dismissed. Oh your depressed? Take pills. Suck it up. It can take weeks, months even a year or two to discover a med that works, find the right dose and let it build up in tour system enough to truly make a difference in how you are feeling
This is supposed to be a season of joy, love, thankfulness and family. We the people need to start doing this more to those other than just our family. I’m not saying be naïve and let people walk all over you but be considerate to those around you in your everyday life. You don’t know what disease, ailment, disability etc they are dealing with you don’t know what their home life is like. Just act like a decent human being.
*Rant over*