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refugees in europe

i do notundertsnad why no country in europe is able to show humanity and take in refugees and give them a place to live BECAUSE IF THEY STAYED IN THEIR COUNTRY THEY PROBABLY WOULD HAVE DIED OF FUCKING WAR OR SOMETHING like that boat that italy simply refused to land on its coast? thats just heartless. Also the rule that that country that they land on has ro give them asyl is just plain stupid. of course italy and greece get fucking sickof them and they might have to many while countries that are more up north and dont border a sea dont have that problem. just change the rules and work together to give these4 people a new home and support them in starting anew life instead of throwing them all out. they didnt do anything to you

im sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes btw but its 2am and iam mad asf right now


refugees in europe



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  1. Anonymous

    its ok they will get karma

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