So get this. Four years ago I met this guy at work. We started dating on and off and the reasons that he always gave was that he didn’t feel he could love me enough or that I wasn’t the one. After the first two years we lived together and it was great at first until he came back from his brother’s wedding and after a hot romantic night back, decided I wasn’t the one again and was messaging another chick at my birthday party. Now, stupid me hasn’t learned a thing and going onto year 4 we are using each other for comfort when we both say we love and care for each other. I just broke that off since I found out he had TWO dating apps on his phone AND was texting the same girl he was texting on my birthday. Only after I break off completely with him can he physically say he loves after only saying it like 4 times tops. He says that us working together may be holding us back. We have been working together for 4 years same department no matter where I go and this fool thinks that its holding us back? Either I am the stupidest person to get in bed with someone who won’t reciprocate actions of love such as coming over to the other person’s house or he is living in fear. I don’t know which is true and it is pissing me off that I don’t know the truth. He hasn’t done anything to improve his life such as go to school like he wants when he is Native American and can get grants by just showing a DNA test! He can work with computers instead of the job he has now and instead he complains about being stuck in a rut while I am busting my butt working full time and going to school full time just so I can leave my job and do something I enjoy. Am I seriously stupid for loving this kind of guy?