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Hi,first off I don’t mean to disrespect your opinions because they’re yours and everyone is entitled to one. I am a teenage girl of 15 and I’m having trouble,I’ve always been surrounded by religion in my life but I’ve never believed in god or maybe I have idk. I’ve been in religious schooling until I was eight and moved away but I still went to church every Sunday because my mom told me to. My mom forced me to do confirmation and the beginning of this school year she put me as a teachers aid to a religious ed class without my permission. I always stayed quiet about my nonbelieverness so I don’t cause drama but today was different and I regret it. This morning I woke up with cramps so I disn’t want to go to church but my said to and something just cracked. I told her that I never wanted to be a aid or do confirmation and that I didn’t believe in god. She was mad she threatened to take me out of all my after school activities which were mostly volunteering for causes I believe in and she denied me or seeing my friends(who are honestly the only people keeping me alive) I don’t know what to do and I don’t expect an answer but I just want some help please.




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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like you just need to talk to your mom and tell her how you feel. I am religious and Catholic by my own choosing. I can understand why your mother would want to raise you in the faith, but it sounds like she didn’t ever ask for your opinion. I would urge calm conversation with her.

  2. Kari

    God, this was me last year. Do they monitor your internet or texts? Because if they don’t, that opens up a lot more options. I used to go on patheos, which is basically a collection of blogs with separate groups for different religions (and they also have nonreligious). Do you have a secular student alliance at your school, or any similar clubs? There are also many atheist podcasts out there that you can listen to if that’s your thing. Once you download a podcast, you don’t need wifi to listen to it, so if you go somewhere else with wifi they won’t see it on their internet. I personally like “god awful movies” and “the atheist experience”, but your tastes may vary. And hey, if you’re in any kind of bad place, you can text “home” to 741-741, a crisis text line. It doesn’t show up on the bills for some phone carriers, so your parents won’t know you texted them. Hope this helped somewhat!

    • Kari

      You’ll have to check whether your carrier has agreed to not show that you contacted the hotline, but I know that mine at least doesn’t show that. And McDonald’s, for example, might have free wifi, as does the target by my house.

  3. Anonymous

    I know this is going to sound super sad , but let it go keep it hidden till you get to college and if they still try to force religion on you pick a school far away from them and become independent. But as the rule goes, under their house , their rules and its a thing you just gotta do . I was like this my grandma forced christianity into me and when i got to college Im a practicing jew now and I have that freedom because of distance. Trust me it gets better, for now find people who can relate to you and keep them close and do what you gotta do to keep people happy for now . If you’re under 18 , just trust me when you turn 18 everything does change.

  4. Anonymous

    I can relate, I’ve been put through confirmation and have to go to church every Sunday even though I just just believe in it. I haven’t told my family yet who are all deeply religious. I don’t think that there is much you could do that wouldn’t make it worse. What u believe isn’t really something that can be changed by others. I really hope things get better for you.

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