Hi,first off I don’t mean to disrespect your opinions because they’re yours and everyone is entitled to one. I am a teenage girl of 15 and I’m having trouble,I’ve always been surrounded by religion in my life but I’ve never believed in god or maybe I have idk. I’ve been in religious schooling until I was eight and moved away but I still went to church every Sunday because my mom told me to. My mom forced me to do confirmation and the beginning of this school year she put me as a teachers aid to a religious ed class without my permission. I always stayed quiet about my nonbelieverness so I don’t cause drama but today was different and I regret it. This morning I woke up with cramps so I disn’t want to go to church but my said to and something just cracked. I told her that I never wanted to be a aid or do confirmation and that I didn’t believe in god. She was mad she threatened to take me out of all my after school activities which were mostly volunteering for causes I believe in and she denied me or seeing my friends(who are honestly the only people keeping me alive) I don’t know what to do and I don’t expect an answer but I just want some help please.