I feel the need to rant so hear I am! Me and my partner rent a house with a small garden. There’s a no pets clause, but silly me thought it would be up for negotiation as there was a cat living in the house before (it didn’t go outside much!) I asked permission if we could get a dog, it wouldn’t be left at home alone ( it would go to a family members or doggy day care whilst we work) and even offered extra deposit/inspections etc etc but we were met with point blank refusal, no negotiation or reasons.
I know its the landlords property ( before anyone starts accusing me of throwing a tantrum) but in the age where private/agent renting is so common are tenants not entitled to a few more rights so they can enjoy what is supposed to be their home? We were willing to put all the landlords worries to rest and hoped for a chance to prove that having a dog in rented accommodation isn’t necessarily something to shy away from! But instead we don’t even get a reason. And the worst thing is there isn’t a break clause on out contract…… 🙁