I dont wanna make this all about me but im tired of talking about everyone else. I have a mental illness that stops me from going somewhere that i love. I have a panic disorder and a depression disorder. I cant walk into my school anymore without kicking and screaming and cry. Once i even yelled that the bad people were going to get me. I still see the bad people. Everyone thinks im crazy. Thats fine. I take A LOT of medication for my problems but the dont help. My friend makes everything about her so i cant ever talk about how i feel to her. It makes me sad being so different. Being made fun of even by my family. People dont take mental illnesses serious. We just get made fun of and get pills thrown down our throats like a lab rat. I want to change that. Not just for myself but for all the people. I know there are people out there worse than i am. I just want people to take mental illness serious and not like its nothing because its something.