Have you ever looked around and felt like you own nothing in all that you see? Everyone always tells you to accept yourself; to own your quirks and oddities and that it’s okay to be different. Of course it’s okay to be different. How in the freaking world did you people think humanity got anywhere other than by coming up with ideas that are inherently different, brought into the world by people who were ‘different’. Change is necessary and all that can and will make us great.

So why then do people tell me they admire me so much, tell me how awesome I am, keeping their 5 feet of distance away from me? Why is it so frightening to approach me; physically or emotionally, but so easy to compliment me? Because I DO act differently, because I DO own my choices? No… It’s because I, like you, am afraid. So goddamn afraid. Of everything and everyone. And I’m honest about that. That’s why you all keep your distance, because like me, you fear the hateful feelings of rejection and ostracism. I don’t want to be ungrateful or unkind. In fact, no one would ever describe me like that… Or at least, I hope not! Yet I cannot help feeling more like an animal to admire in a zoo, tugged away behind walls of glass for all to see, than an actual person.

I love the people around me. I want to love everyone I can feel love for. That is what this world is meant to be, for me at least. Sharing a laugh and a warm smile when you need it most; helping another when they need help because they need it. It doesn’t have to be difficult and it shouldn’t be. So why in the hell am I one of so few to do it?! I may be afraid, but at least I am no coward.

If you’ve read through all this, please don’t brand yourself as a coward or be offended. Be who you should be: Better than yourself. Then maybe this rant will even make sense to you.