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what in the hell am I supposed to do. I’m so afraid I’m going to die like this.
I don’t want to die without feeling happy. I’m so scared, I’ve been living in poverty for so long, it’s like a prison, the poverty has eaten my essence. my poor kids. all grown up, raised hungry. no birthdays, no holidays, no restaurants, no proper celebrations, because mom was on disability and had no family support. my poor kids have no family but each other, because we were poor. yes my family, except for my mom, ditched us because I had to get on disability and I was poor. I hate them for that. I really, REALLY hate them and wish I could get justice. I wish that they would be exposed to the same stuff me and my children went through, alone. they have always made me feel like shit. I hate them.






  1. Anonymous

    Bullshit.. My family was poor. (Beans on toast poor). I went out and made a better life. I cut grass, delivered news papers. In 56 years I never collected unemployment or thought someone needed to carry me. Get the fuck up and make it better, if you have half a brain you can get a job and start moving forward. Remember all those fucking assholes complaining about McDonalds paying so little. McDonalds is not a career, it is a stepping stone for kids to pay their dues and the want more. Put in the effort and make the change dont just complain.

  2. Anonymous

    To: Scared
    I’m sorry you’re facing issues that are causing you such grief. Life can be very rough sometimes but changing how we feel usually lies on each of our shoulders. We can at times think we’re suffering so terrible and we could be suffering badly but what I do is look at other people’s conditions and I thank God he has allowed me to see where someone else is blind. I thank God I’m not confined to a wheel chair. Our problems could be bad but they could be so much worse. I hope the future will bring you joy and happiness because I believe you can get over this hurtle.

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