urg my god that feeling when you have like 200 other presentations you gotta do, but like seriously?!? the damn teachers expect you to like seriously do every single thing perfectly andt hen when you screw up, ugh your friends or whatever blame the sht that you mess up on, on you, and when you mess up, then you dont get a good grade neither your friends get a good grade liek seriously, like world isn’t perfect, WE TRIED!!! thats all that matters is if we goddamn try, everyone makes mistakes. GOD, ITS LIKE TEACHERS EXPECT US TO BE PERFECT. its even worse when you’re in like a really smart class only meant for the smart people; i didn’t want to be in this class, i just got chosen; those ap classes or honors classes, i mean seriously its like your rubbing it in the other non student honor people, like yeah sure we are in honors, we’re supposed to be role models for the other classes, but ????? we make mistakes to god