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School Drama

My school is currently taking part in competitions for our current play/drama. We have already passed the first stage, which is zone level. The next stage is district level, which will be held next week.

Okay, this is before the competitions. So, to start it all, two of my friends and I auditioned for the play. One friend (let’s name her Win) got selected, as well as myself. But the other friend (let’s call her Sha) didn’t make the cut. So we practise and practise for the zone level competition when I suddenly find out that I won’t be around on the competition date. In the end, we got Sha to take my place (we didn’t think there was any need for an understudy because idk). So after the competition when I come back to school, I am glad to hear that I am still somehow involved in the play BUT SHA HAS TAKEN OVER MY ROLE. They don’t want me anymore JUST BECAUSE I COULD NOT ATTEND THE FIRST COMPETITION. To make it all worse, Sha would not step down. She’s my best friend too.


Fish in an office environment is a nono



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  1. Happy

    Musimy być jednak ostrożni – jest dużo bajecznie prezentujÄ…cych siÄ™ , których zapachy nie przynależą do naejjzyremnijpszych. Należą do takich czarny bez czy berberysy, nie wsadzamy ich wiÄ™c w miejscu gdzie lubimy pić kawÄ™ lub opalać siÄ™ na leżaku. Aby dowiedzieć siÄ™ wiÄ™cej przejdź na Nasz adres:

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