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School P.E. teachers need to go back kindergarten. And it’s not just because they are illiterate.

My P.E. teacher is out to get me. I swear. Ready with his clipboard to erase all my participation with his hand-dandy eraser. This morning I asked my mom to print out my doctors note for my MRI, so I wouldn’t have to run the 2 miles in PE. I went to the chiropractor last Friday, but didn’t know I had to get a note for the run. I am taking an X-Ray for my meniscus this Friday. My mom didn’t get an email or letter from the doctor either(busy), so she wrote a parents’ note. I gave it to my teacher, then he called me out from the rest of the class during warm-up. Let’s call my PE teacher Jim. Here’s the conversation:
“So we have a problem, you have to make up 4 miles of participation, plus the run.”
“What? I can do boxing, but I just can’t run. I have MRI, so I have to stay out of running activities for a while. But I can definitely do boxing.”
“Well, on your note, it says ‘ANY PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES'”
“—that can injure or impact my knee. So..” (The letter actually said: Please excuse Korin from any physical activity that can impact her knee this week…)
“Well, the key word is ‘ANY'”
“But you are missing ‘that can impact my knee’, my mom is very specific in this letter. Boxing can’t injure my knee in any way under the curriculum.”
“It should have been ‘EXCUSE FROM RUNNING TODAY’, today is also very important. It says ‘this week’, that mean you have 4 miles of participation to make up later…”
“There is only one day of heavy cardio, today, it is clearly said in the letter to..”
“No it isn’t, it should have been more detailed. I am liable to this letter, let’s see what the doctor has to say. You are supposed to get a doctors note”
I tell him I can get one, just not right now, the doctor is very busy.
Jim says “I don’t think you understand the letter.”
I say “I can say the same for you. No wonder you ended up as a PE teacher, you couldn’t pass grammar school. I won’t get hurt from boxing and you know it.” His face gets really flaming red as if he’s about to explode.
“What sport do you play?” he asked.
“Lacrosse” I said.
“Oh yeah, you’re the lacrosse girl. Do you go to practice?”
“Yes I do.”
“That’s the problem, if you can go to lacrosse practice, then you can do PE, do you understand what I mean?” He asked as if he made an excellent point
“No I don’t. I go to a competitive club and am required to attend every single practice injured or not. If injured, I am required to listen to the coach and take notes. I play goalie, a position that doesn’t require any intensity running, so I can go to practice. I literally just stand there and use my hands. My lacrosse coach is also liable, so they don’t need a note to know that I can’t run. If I am forced to run like you are doing, then I won’t be able to play the rest of my life since it would impact my knee. That’s a huge loss and something actual coaches are not willing to risk. You, on the other hand, don’t understand how liable you are for making me run 4 miles, in one day, next week. Actually, THAT can really injure me. I can run a mile when I am healed, but not now. I can do boxing because it only requires my hands.”
“Well,” Jim said, “I can’t do that, you don’t understand the letter.”
“No, YOU don’t understand the letter AT All. Maybe we should get the principal to explain the letter clearly to you.”
My friend breaks me up from the teacher and says “Actually, Mr. Jim, She can definitely run.
“Yes she can. You heard what your friend said, Cory, you can run.” said Mr. Jim.
“Yes she can, and I guess you can pay for her college tuition for 4 years since she won’t have a chance to get a scholarship. Are you willing to do that, Mr. Jim?”
A puzzled face on Mr. Jim’s face showed. he reddened and started panting hard.
Mr. Jim yells to the class “Go run 3 miles today. It used to be 2 miles, now it’s 3. You don’t run and you fail.” He points to the track. The overweight people just walked out and hung out, ignoring Mr. Jim. And most of the class when to the female teacher in the gym to ask if there was something wrong with Mr. Jim. I ended up just letting him give me a zero until I get my doctor to settle things.
After that, in the locker room, my classmates came up to me. They said he looked extremely mad as if he was going to smack me dead and I was for sure not getting a scholarship. And they asked me what he said, I explained, and they looked shocked. Now people believe me when I say Mr. Jim(not real name) was a sexist, mean, cruel, unfair bastard. People claimed that he was an okay, not that bad, fair teacher, but now that proclaims untrue. He is truly, the *ssh*le teacher ready to prick me down with a fork on Halloween. He is satan.(joke joke but he really is that mean). On an unserious note, he shouldn’t have an office in the boys’ locker room because he PMSs every 4th period.


everyone in my 0 hour math class is a cunt



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    How the hell is he sexist?

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