I hate school so much why are they doing this to me I literally have physics, chemistry, biology, comsci, english and math assessments due in in the same span of two weeks I havent been able to catch up on them because I have an upcoming grade 6 piano exam my parents expect me to do well and get good grades but im not sure if I can keep going I hate everyone and everything sometimes i feel like killing myself it’s too much work I hate everyone at school and i dont think i can live up to everyones expectations of me i wasnt to go to medical school to help others but i dont think i can spend 6 years doing this Im going to die under all this work I will never be happy as long as I live if this is how my life is going to be

I wish I could change my subjects and do art for the rest of my life i wish i could be happy painting forever i love the feeling i get being creative but im stuck doing stupid trigonometry and kinematics help me i wish i took art I wish I wish it’s the biggest regret I have of my life