Hi im a 22 year old girl with big body. Ive never been slimmer than my friends ever since i was a kid so that always make me the ‘fatgirl’ in the class, in college, bla bla bla everywhere i go. Being born and raised in the environment that defines beauty as being slim, ive never been confident with myself. Ever.

As a girl, it would be a lie if i said that i dont mind when no guy has ever looked at me. When i was walking with my slim friends, their eyes are always fixated on them. I noticed that and everything. Those guys treat pretty girls so nicely while they just ignored those who dont (fat) . I was treated like i was not there whenever im talking to them. And that outraged me. I hate them for that.

So what im saying is, why are those people behave like this. Little did they know that their simple act of mistreatment could break other’s heart. And plus, at this age i wanna experience the feelings to be in a relationship. I wanna give and get loves. But no one has ever come to me and neither did i ever go to anyone cus i would definitely get rejected.