I’m so tired of my mother just believing she can have such high expectations of me but when I expect the little I do of her she claims I am crazy. My mother has stopped attending my parent’s evenings at school is not even concerned with my life or interests at all. She does not cook or clean rather I as well as my sister are expected to do 95% of housework. She does laundry we hang it up! She claims she works for us… at 16 she refuses to buy me a phone or new clothes. Nor funds any activities I want to do with friends claiming her paying for my shelter and housing is enough. She’s never there for me… I can’t talk to her…I am honestly trying to be a good daughter,I get good grades and have scarcely been in trouble ever. Sometimes I just wish I could get over it, but I just feel cheated, I know my dad left us but is it my fault?! I’m blamed constantly for her inability to live where she wants and do what she wants. I’m tired of being luggage to be picked up,used,then dumped when not wanted.