So I guess I “love” my little brother (8) and all but he is so annoying sometimes. Like when he doesn’t get his way he throws a fit or bugs you until you give in. When I make him mad or annoy him, he says he hates me with an extremely serious face. When something “bad” happens, like he messes up in a video game, he says he hates his life. I tell him he doesn’t and then he gets mad at me. Um, excuse me little boy but I think I know what it’s like to hate your life. I may be only 4 years older than him but I’ve got actual problems I have to deal with. Sure he has some anger problems but then he starts crying, saying we don’t love him because we didn’t fuss over him a lot when my dog nipped his leg. Sometimes he’s okay but most of the time, no. Just, no. It gets me really mad that he thinks he hates his life. Because his life is NOT bad, at all. His mom loves him and is easier on him than my adopted mom/grandma is on me. He has a Kindle Fire, and playstation, and lots of video games. He has a really good house to live in. He has food to eat, a comfortable bed to sleep in. His life is okay. My grandmother, though, is in charge of me. I get punished for the simplest things. She takes away all electronics, and it may not seem like a big deal to you, but my laptop takes me away from the world. My uncle is a perverted man and deserves to go to jail. My dad has been dead for a long time. My Aunt Katie has drinking problems. I had a freaking COUNSELOR because of “depression and anxiety issues”. I am super freaking ugly, I have a negative personality, and school is a complete waste of time. My brother’s life has barely even started yet, so he shouldn’t act like that. I know that I’m one to talk, but seriously? Shut up, child, your life is better than mine. Stop complaining, it’s getting you no where but down. And down isn’t a good place, kid, because that’s where hell is. You don’t want to be in hell, sweetie. Trust me, it isn’t fun there.