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sick of hearing garbage

why is australia so dumb then? who let them down? their parents or teachers or were they all born just dumb too? or is it only academics at universities who are clever and the super rich 1 % of the population? the rest of us are just gonna be dumb in almost every country anyway. trying to exist and pay for each day food and shelter and stuff like that.

I am so glad some people have crystal balls to see the future. or is it some people just push their own agenda ? and the meanest one wins?

I wanted to invent and find multiple uses and I can’t invent a man or job or kid and I only have limited uses myself.

what am I supposed to do ?

if I am one of those loser rent seeking working dull parasites god help me.


The problem with wanting to die


I’m literally going to go insane holy shit.

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  1. Anonymous

    Yeah, that’s how it works. Most people that are not smart are dumb. Good job on that observation.

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The place to rant