I am so angry at my older sister for all the trouble she has caused the family. I just wish she would go away and never come back. I can’t see why she can’t just move overseas to her love and let us have a life. She texts our mother 30 times a day or more with rubbish rants about all in cut short messages that mean nothing to us.
she insults us every chance she can get. I told mom to stop answering, don’t read the texts for a day or so and learn to ignore them more and more and turn her phone off. That girl needs a good beating for her insults on us for all these years and her bullying and out of control insanity. SOMEONE SAVE US FROM HER. she is the one who has killed her family. she is the one that ruined everything. she is to blame. usually i don’t dent off the responsibility but in the case now I am. I did all I could to keep this family together and I can’t help it if 2 siblings were rude and spoilt and undisciplined and lack manners to their parents and others. it only shows their lack of self respect as far as i am concern. that is what my nun teacher used to say to me. respect others shows you respect yourself. so do it for god! NOW YOU STOP THIS GIRL. YOU ARE NEAR 50 AND STILL A LITTLE GIRL.