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Well first some backstory: I live with my mom and her boyfriend. We also have a guy living in trailer in our backyard. Well my moms boyfriend, who usually keeps the peace around here, has been out of town for a week, so its just My mom, me, my sister, and the roommate.
The roommates the type of guy who makes friends with everyone, he’s very charismatic you can say. But he’s also kind of a douche. He never admits what he does wrong. Claims he does everything. Keep in mind, he only goes in his camper, and is claiming he does all the chores in our house. Thats how big his ego is.
So basically today, he helped my mom out with putting up our pool because her boyfriend isn’t back yet, then he invited a bunch of friends over. They were all having a great time while my sister and I went swimming.
I finally went inside and after an hour I heard yelling.
Basically what happened, is earlier today, the roommate fixed up the side of the house, to make it so our dogs couldn’t go under it. And he ended up locking a dog under their. My mom thought it was hilarious, and was laughing. Literally his ego is so big that he started yelling at her. Then saying it was my moms boyfriends fault, when he hasn’t even been here for a week. (His go-to is to blame my moms boyfriend lmao) During his screaming fit, he said “he couldn’t wait to move out. I do everything. Blahblahhaa” Which my mom went on to say, “if you can’t wait, move out now.” Then when my mom went inside because she didn’t want to hear his yelling over such a little thing anymore. He proceeded to follow her.
So now he was following her, calling her such a bitch and stuff. He then basically convinced everyone to leave with him to someplace else. And now everyone was calling my mom a bitch FOR LAUGHING ABOUT HOW HE COULDN”T ADMIT HIS MISTAKE. THEY WERE LITERALLY LAUGJING WITH HER. LIKE WHAT? My mom is now in tears, thinking everyone hates her. And it kills me to see her like this. I can’t stand this guy. The worst part is, all of her ‘friends’ she introduced to him.

Sorry if this is confusing, just needed to let this off my chest.


The AWFUL friendship that i can’t get out of



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  1. Godlovesuperfectly

    If you can that time you can talk to the roommate for a meantime, His human too, maybe he doesn’t know his ego is stepping peace… He maybe got mercy or something… We can fix this with just a understandful talk

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