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my sister has broken me down day after day year after year. she pontd our ny biggest insecurities and she is the reason i learned to hate myself. she deserved nothing. she is 18 now and since she was 11 she has caused me nothing but pain and tears and hardships. 11 years old? i know right how can someone cause you pain at that age. trust me i was 9 years old and i remember every fucking second of it. she tore me down and she ruined me and i will never forget it. it has been going on for 7 years and about a month before she turned 18, i thought, hey, maybe it’s time for us to talk. maybe she’s grown up. but she turned 18 and then she pulled the same fucking shit that she has pulled for seven years. my parents don’t understand for some reason even though they have always witnessed it. telling me how much i’ve gained weight and how i look fat in what i’m wearing, saying i look like a boy(at 10 years old), that i deserve to die, that se will scratch my eyes out in my sleep, that she would kill me if she got the chance, that i’m a delinquent, a fuck-up with no friends, a loser. these weren’t things i heard when i was 30 and able to properly absorb them. i was 11 years old, 13, 15, now 16. i grew up with her shouting these at me day after day until i started to believe them. it pains me that u will never be free of her. that until the day i die we will be connected by blood. my kids won’t know her. she’ll just be the aunt that we don’t talk about. i cannot let someone as toxic as that into my life when i am trying to rebuild it. i used to be scared to go to sleep at night because of the fear that she would come in and hurt me. after so many years of her controlling me i am done and she does not control me anymore. sadly i still have to live with her for a couple more years but i will fight as long as possible. no one will read this whole thing but i just needed to get it out. i feel like no one understands and everyone thinks our family is perfect because my parents are still together but things bigger than divorce can break up a family.


I’m so angry and everybody is terrible


best friend got admitted to a psych ward


  1. Anonymous

    I know your pain, I want share your rant on my Facebook so bad, but I’m afraid of people’s reactions. Fuck her, Fuck them, just wait for the day she can eat it.

  2. Anonymous

    I feel you.

  3. Anonymous

    so i am 14 right now, and my sister used to do this to me too. My parents are divorced tho so she now lives with my dad and i live with my mom, but she used to make death threats starting when i was in the 4th grade (now im in 9th) i know how hard and scary this has to be, considering that the things they say become to a point where they can not fully proves what they say before it you just need to know that whatever you say as a reply should be well thought out. If you begin to insult her in anyway the threats will be more common and more harsh (believe me i know) just be sure other people know what she is saying, maybe write down the threats she makes and try your best to live your life around her as much as possible, and always think about what you say to her. Hope this helps, good luck, you are not alone.

    • Anonymous

      by the way my sister is two years older then me so she is 16 right now. We are much better now, but that is after i shut her out because i couldn’t stand her death threats and verbal abuse towards my mother and i.

  4. Mads

    Your sister sounds like a bitch. I suppose my only advice is to keep on fighting, she can’t control you and like you said, only a couple more years until you never have to see her again. I think you should talk to your parents cause what she is doing is not right, if they still let her continue this then they are not good parents. Although your sister sucks I’m sure you have great friends as you are fabulous and deserve a better sister.

    I hope things get better soon, have a nice day 🙂

    • Anonymous

      you’ve commented on a few of my rants and i wanna think you for your positivity and input! even if my rents seem irrelevant it’s nice when someone takes the time to read them and offer me advice, even if they can’t truly understand the situation. i wish you all the best of luck in life, my friend 🙂

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