you r truely a horrible, selfish and greedy person. 
what in the hell makes u so nasty.
what the hell have u accomplished
do u hav a degree, did u make a difference in someones life,
did u volunteer,did u defeat the odds, what ?
its easy to be nasty and mean, any piece of shit
can do that. now being a genuinely supportive and caring person,
that takes class.
its easy to marry money and have all your needs met, stress free
u lived off your husband and still do.
theres nothing wrong with u, why arent u working
why arent u going to school
u dont have any complications stopping u
u hav gas money, u hav a dependable vehicle, clearly not
recovering from a nervous breakdown, 
u bitch!
but yet u think yourself so much better than i, u, they, probably even god. 
your inborn traits disgusts me

look how u treat your own mother, dispicable
oh yeah, thats right your punishing her for
helping me, because she was supposed to act like u.
she was suppose to turn her back on me and my kids

listen bitch, ive paid mom back, ive paid life back, i lived and liv with 
the choices ive made, and suffered and so did my kids.
they did not hav too, if their mom had more supportive family members
things could hav been bearable.
what they learned from their moms siblings and other
family members, is those people r shit.
they saw and learned how familys really act by their friends family.
let me tell u, they know your a bitch!
and want nothing to do with u, 
they know the reason for u being a disgrace
has nothing to do with me or them, its just
pure evil toby stange.

familys support eachother, try to do the best they can for
each other, making each other happy and grateful.

see toby, its called integrity, nobility ,thats one virtue u never
had or will have.

u r dead too me! just as i am to u
u evil, selfish loser bitch

luv your sister