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you make me sad, and then try saying sorry. you pick up fights with me for basically nothing, you call me fat, i take it and dont say anything and you tell me to stop being in a pissy mood


This guy called George



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  1. Anonymous

    i went through a really rough time with my brother before and i admit i still feel some resentment to him every now and then.
    he teased me for being fat too, and accused me of pretending to be goody two-shoes when he thinks i’m actually extremely selfish.
    he also thinks that i’ve made some bad decisions in life even though we both know he’s made some bad ones too.

    my advice would be to understand that love extends beyond hurt and that you shouldn’t allow bitterness to take over your life. talk to your sister about how you feel – i wish i had done that more in the past with my brother.

    i wish you all the best.


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