Dear shops of the U.K, PLEASE for the love of God, get some other pants in than skinny jeans!!! It is not fun to go out shopping for pants, and you just want a pair of flattering trousers because you have an athletic physique and not that of a drainpipe, and only be able to find SKINNY jeans! I wouldn’t have a problem with the shops if they sold other jeans as well as these Peter-pan pants that everyone seems to love so much, but that is literally all you find in the majority of high street shops. What happened to straight leg, boot cuts, baggys and flares? No offence peeps, but no one likes to see girls with huge thighs and fat asses with no calfs, let alone plumbers cracks walking around in these things. It just doesn’t look good- who cares if no one wears other jeans, fuck da police! Having said this, if skinny jeans are all you can buy these days what choice do people have? Tell you what I am going to find the best looking model I can get my hands on, put her in a pair of the baggiest jeans I can find and get her to stand on a pedestal shouting “fuck skinny jeans”. Let’s see what people do then… Ironically flared jeans make me look skinnier than freakin skinny jeans do, so where the hell is the logic? Even skinny people look better in flares, it gives them a bit of shape for once… I mean why do people think it’s attractive to look like a piece of straw that could be snapped by a gust of wind? No logic behind this fashion facist-ness.