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So Cold

I have been with my wife for a good while now and reaching a point where I just can’t take her any more. She constantly criticizes what I do for her or for the house. Every comment is dripping with criticism some direct, some passive aggressive. Admittedly I miss a few spots here and there but for the most part I take care of all the chores (except laundry – something I am bad at)I am the main cook, I walk the dogs, I take care of the yard, I pay the mortgage, the bills, taxes etc we have a very clean and tidy house surprisingly. Considering we have large dogs that leave fur everywhere. What has turned me off though is her coldness and her hyper competitiveness. Her lack of awareness on this is scary. It took me a little while to work out that she basically has NO female friends a few colleagues but not what I would call friends, she prefers the company of men. Any women that show up regardless of “look” are competition to her and that includes any of the married or single men that are in the neighbourhood are ‘hers’ also. Her mother is a battle axe and pulls the whole self pity, how ‘uncaring my children’ thing all the time. So I get the apple from tree thing. Its just so trying. When she is away I literally come alive and even when picking her up from the train or airport or whatever which isn’t often enough but within minutes of her return its like a big fat grey cloud shows up and then makes itself comfortable on my shoulders. It ways on me like a big damp cloud. you see peeks of sun every now and then but it never lasts. I wish there was an easier way out, guilt is a bitch. I want to do the right thing and stick with but I don’t see how this gets better. I have consistently urged/argued/cajoled that she needs to get counselling but she goes a couple of times and then calls it quits. In the meantime I am crawling deeper and deeper into my shell. we cant have people over without a huge plan. If a neighbour drops by to say hi its a complete imposition – like somebody just shot the dogs and there is that ‘look’ she shoots them that is instantly recognizable as ‘get the f out of here’ you are ruining my day. Going out is a trial, so we just make our little nest a little nicer. I have another drink and try to dull the senses.
And then the question comes ‘do you think I am still pretty’, yes dear but only on the outside.


People who wear surgical masks in public offend me


Middle age is bullshit


  1. Tilly

    Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appnceiatior.

  2. Anonymous

    So leave, is what I suggest. Before there are any children. And no, a dog is not a child. Do not confuse the two. I have a dog, and I have three children. I would get rid of the dog tomorrow. The children are sweet and special and have legal requirements.

  3. Anonymous

    How exhausting. I know how you feel, though of course in a different context. It is a feeling like you can never win, never succeed. Even when they are nice to you, soon enough you will suffer again.

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