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So Done With This Girl

I hate this girl. She lied to me continuously for months. She always said she loved me. What do I find out a month ago. She’s dating someone else. She played me this whole time. What a lying, demonic bitch.

I can’t take it anymore. I have to see her everyday. It’s terrible. I know she’s sending nudes to him everyday, and fucking him whenever they see each other. Which is a lot. Her ex told me this is what they did when they dated.

I hate it so much. How could i be so gullible. I’m stuck in a crap situation with no escape. I love her and hate her. I can’t get over her. It truly sucks.


Friends Who are Picky About Food


this generartion of women

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  1. Greta

    Redutor? Talvez, mas baseado em evnA.ªiciasÃds duas últimas vezes que fomos campeões,quem foram os nossos melhores marcadores e com quantos golos?6 não foram de certeza…

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