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So I’m not so smart

All of my life I’ve been told how stupid I am. My own father once told me that I shouldn’t breed. “Hilarious now that I think about it” I was a 911 dispatcher for 17 years and people would ask ” how did YOU get THAT job? Why don’t you just come out and say it? You are to stupid to be doing that kind of work..Although people loved talking to me on the phone they say my voice is so soothing. I calmed many people down and saved many lives. I was never good enough in their eyes..Why should I care? I don’t know. People are so judgmental ..




Arghhh used or loved?

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  1. Tim

    People are judgmental, I’ve heard the same thing my whole life, but somehow I’m more successful than them. I might act stupid, quirky, positive, or happy, but I’m not dumb. Personally I think people are just jealous of those who are better than them and show more happiness. I finally got used to it after many years and finally started defending myself. It’s still the same, but the thought of me already knowing I’m better than them has helped. I’d rather be happy and lose ‘fake’ friends than try to please people.

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