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So sick of driving (I hate Houston)

I’m so tired of driving all the time! I live in a Houston which is a large “city” that is super spread out, and has virtually no public transportation. I put the word city in quotation marks because Houston is more an overgrown suburb than it is a city. Everything is far away. Even if you can afford to live in the loop there’s only a few walkable blocks.
My work commute is an hour plus eah way, meaning I’m on the road 10-15 hours a week. If I want to do anything in the weekend that’s even more driving, since there’s nothing to do around my neighborhood. I’m sick of being in my car all the fucking time. I’m sick of this cultureless boring uninteresting “city”. I’m just fucking ready to move out this ugly hot suburb!!!


Oh No :(


Would y’all please come back to reality?

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  1. Anonymous

    That sucks. Houston is the fucking worst.

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The place to rant