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So THAT’S Christmas?

I built furniture for my daughter for Christmas, I gave my wife thoughtful presents, I spent all day cooking turkey dinner.

Something happens that’s not the fault of anyone here and affects me mostly financially (which is a sore spot for me) and sets me in a terrible mood so I go to bed so I don’t ruin the rest of the family’s night (9pm).

Wife comes in and says it’s not that big a deal don’t worry. I say it is to me, I am worried, I don’t want to take this bad mood out on other people so I’m going to bed.

She says, “So THAT’S Christmas, then? You going to bed at 9?”

Seriously? Christmas isn’t the thought I put into her gifts (a coloring book made of pictures of our family, among other things, you know meaningful stuff) or the effort I put into my daughter’s dresser/music station/charging station I built or the effort I put into cooking all day?

None of that’s Christmas?

Christmas is ruined because I went to bed at 9 instead of 10? To spare my family my bad mood by keeping it to myself, I apparently also elected to make Christmas 2017 “The year I couldn’t stay up another hour and ruined it for everyone (all 3 of us, not an event with out of town guests or anything).”

Guess I’m just the world’s biggest a-hole tonight for knowing how my own stupid head works and planning around it SO AS NOT TO RUIN THINGS FOR OTHERS.





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  1. Anonymous

    Bwahahaha, your wife was being a real bitch in this instance.

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