It’s not about equality anymore. It’s about superiority. People can post on Tumblr and Twitter talking about how “gross” heterosexuals, cissexuals, white people etc. are and I can’t believe the double standard. If I made a post saying about how “gross” gay, transgender and black people were, I’d be shut down in an instant. And rightfully so – any form of discrimination is unacceptable – but what I don’t understand is why it’s more acceptable to say cruel things about whites and straight people now.

(See picture attached) Somebody even unironically said about how white people can’t be raped because rape inherently involves power over an individual. The power part is true. The race part is nonsense. Rape is still rape no matter who the victim and it’s disgraceful to even suggest that a person’s suffering is irrelevant because of their skin colour. If we switched “white” to “black” or even something else such as “Asian”, all hell would break loose.

An 18 year old girl on Twitter received a huge amount of flack just for wearing a Chinese dress to prom. That is all she did: she wore a Chinese dress, and a beautiful one at that. And then came a bigot telling her “my culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress”. And look who’s talking, because he was wearing freaking Adidas – which is German – jeans and a T-shirt, which I’m certain aren’t traditional Chinese clothes – and used racial slurs in his tweets such as the “N” word and praises things from America even though he isn’t American. So it’s okay for him to enjoy American things and to use racial slurs, but it’s not okay for an American girl to wear a Chinese dress purely because she likes the dress? Where is the sanity?

What we need is actual, reasonable equality, not people putting down groups that they believe are overrepresented and “bad” just because they are the majority. It’s okay to be any race. It’s okay to be any gender. It’s okay to be any sexuality, identity, etc. But those who are rooting for what they consider “equality” don’t actually believe this. To them, everyone needs to be female, trans (male-to-female I’m assuming?), any race that’s not white, gay/lesbian etc., and some people even think we should all be overweight for some reason. Why can’t we all just be ourselves, be nice, and not bring these factors into it? If someone is a good person, so what if they are white, black, gay, straight, slim, overweight, male or female? If they’re not hurting anyone and they’re just leading a regular, socially acceptable life, why should they feel bad about who they are?

This is the first time I have publicly expressed these views. I usually prefer to be tactful and sensitive (not as sensitive as these SJW snowflakes, however) but I had to get it off my chest somewhere other than my Tumblr or Twitter because I know I’d lose followers and friends for having differing views. And honestly, I really do not want to hurt people with this. It’s just what I believe is correct. It’s incredibly tolling living in a world where you have to tread on eggshells for fear of offending someone based on something completely inoffensive and petty.