My brother opened the door to let his girlfriend in today and my dog went out to great her as he usually does and he saw another dog so he bounded over anyway the dogs started having a little scrap so I ran out to get him and his idiot instead of pulling his dog away kicked my dog full force with massive boots on, my dog then cowered away clearly injured with the their dog wagging it’s tail completely unharmed by my dog, my brothers girlfriend then apologised to this man as she is a very polite person and the man tells her ‘you will be sorry’ so automatically after carrying my dog inside as he was struggling to walk I, along with my mum go to ask this man why he would kick my dog so hard I would understand it my dog had tried to hurt the other dog, which his wife said that my dog did not, in order to protect his dog) so this man who was originally trying to run away gets in my mums face (note she is a very small women and he was a tall man) and is shouting that he’s glad he kicked my dog and was telling my mum to shut up and being very patronising and sexist, he soon backed down when my brother came out, he was lucky my dad wasn’t there, anyway this man leaves without an apology, and we al go back inside to finish getting ready to go out for a meal, after an hour I decided to run back to check on my dog but later decided to stay in as he looked very in well and wouldn’t take a treat (which has never happened since right after he had a major operation about 5 years ago) he also couldn’t crouch to do his business when I let him outside, I’m now sat right next to him but his breathing is very shallow and he won’t move off his side, we are going to take him to the vets in the morning but he’s getting old now and if anything happens to him I don’t know what I’d do he’s my best friend, I don’t know why that man would be so mean