I don’t like rambling on for too long and making extremely detailed postings, so I’ll keep this short.

Roughly 6 months ago our team decided to get a new apprentice to do some additional work on web projects. They needed to have basic understanding of the web and how to use HTML, CSS (bonus points for JavaScript). The boss hired his son – we’ll call him ‘Bob’.

When Bob came, I learned that he didn’t complete high school, had no qualifications, knew nothing about the business his father owned as well as any programming knowledge. As his supervisor, I attempted to teach him what he needed to do as well as give tutorial links for him to go through. He’s not learned anything because he doesn’t want to. All day he spends browsing the web looking at random sites completely unrelated to work. Eventually I resorted to giving him random software testing tasks which isn’t at all useful to the company because he doesn’t do anything anyway.

I’m really not sure what to do with this kid and I confronted him in a nice way a few days ago but he’s completely disrespectful and rude. Whenever I ask him to show the work he’s done (even though I know he’s not done anything), he just browses through random files / pages and pretends it’s meaningful. He always goes completely speechless so I tell him to “let me know when there’s any updates” and then he goes right back to meaninglessly browsing the web when I walk away…