Okay, so I always looked up to my Aunt Katie. Honestly, I thought she was amazing because she wasn’t afraid to be herself and seemed like an amazing person. Well, I was staying at my Mimi and PawPaw’s house and she was there since she was PawPaw’s daughter. She said hey to me and was acting all nice and stuff. A couple hours later I heard her screaming at Mimi and PawPaw. They were telling her to stop because I was in the next room and I’m a “child” and stuff. Katie was saying that she didn’t like the life PawPaw and her mom made for her and she kept screaming. She then said PawPaw was hitting his daughter and his wife. She came into the room I was in, locked the door and said that I probably had to call my mom. Mimi was telling her to open the door and I asked Katie if she could open the door. She said she couldn’t and I noticed she looked off. Her eyes were pinkish and she had a weird look on her face. She then said she loved me and looked as if she was about to cry. She told me to go out the door of bedroom and I got out there fast. Mimi said it was okay now but later on Katie got worse when she came back in cause she was locked out. She started slamming things around and told me that my grandfather was hurting her. She stood in front of the couch I was on and said that PawPaw said he was going to break her neck and her nose and she kept saying that. Mimi then kept telling her to get out of her house and Katie wouldn’t. They locked her out again and it turned out that Katie got loud when she was mad. She starting drinking and got really, really loud. The cops came and Mimi and PawPaw dealed with them. That was yesterday and this morning Mimi told me that Katie was leaving and stuff. But I’m still traumatized. I couldn’t sleep that Saturday night. There was a door right beside where I was sleeping and someone could peek in. The door to the bedroom was locked but I still couldn’t sleep. It didn’t help that I was sleeping on the floor, on an old blanket with an uncomfortable pillow. I’m back at my house but I’m still traumatized. Mimi told my mom and she was worried about me and stuff but Katie definitely is not my role model anymore. I can’t believe she would do that. I was in the same freaking house and she flipped on ME. I’m a freaking kid so, like, what the f is wrong with her? I hope she’s is very, very, very ashamed of herself. I know I’m ashamed of myself for even thinking of trusting her. Well, now my stupid freaking trust issues are worse. Thank you, Katie, for taking the last bit of hope I had for myself. I was actually starting to trust people more. Sorry, not sorry at all. You are NOT my favorite anymore.