I walked in to apologize, not hear how you won’t accept it, how I’m a terrible human. Sorry I micromanage things, but seriously I deal with a six year old with mental problems and a 93 year old with declining metal health every day. I’m used to having to basically hold everyones hand to get them to do anything. So sorry that you are competent and that me doing that annoys you, perhaps you can deal with your 93 year old wife. To say that you won’t play with a six year old and walk out of a game because I’m telling him what not to do is ridiculous. I have never held it against you the times you have told me that adopting me was your biggest mistake, that I am a whore, a bitch etc. Then you have the nerve to tell me I treat you like shit, really? All I tried to do was work in my ‘on’ mode, the mode where I do have to deal with an incompetent adult and a still learning kid. Fuck you seriously.