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Southern Belle

Hey, southern belle, with your Louis Vuitton back pack, and two kids running wild in the Target grocery aisle, I heard you mumble under your breath. I was waiting for you to corral your children, who at less than ten years of age already sport fuchsia colored hair and their moms rbf. I was being polite, so I didn’t inadvertently bump into your cart or your child. Yes, as you mumbled “he’s just standing there” in your awe shucks accent, I was, but maybe if you and your entitled brood, would get out of the way I would of been able to go about my day, with my child sitting calmly in the child seat of my shopping cart. Go back to the south where maybe you can get away with hogging up the aisle while your dumb as a box of rocks husband stares off and fantasizes about his pickup, mud, beer, and whatever else, and helps to take up the entire aisle. This is the North, sweetheart, pick up the pace!!


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  1. Anonymous

    OOf. I live in the South, more specifically Arkansas, origin of the Country Bumpkins. I hate those types of people but I love the heat. RIP

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