Is he fucking gay or what? Not homophobic because I’m bisexual, but I’m pretty sure he is trying desperately to make me stop being attracted to him. Well fuck, he wins. Truely eembarrassed.and I thought I had no shame, just look at what you’ve done. Dear faggot who keeps saying he’s straight, yesterday you taught me to not assume all humans are complicated like Kimya Dawson, my idol, advocates. Apparently some people are simple-minded or plainly insane, and don’t have any good qualities at all. I can’t change you. This isn’t beauty and the beast, a girl trying to salvage a savage. Truth is I don’t like you for you at all. This is why I’m fucking done with crushes. It’s never going to work. Never looking in a boy’s eyes again. Thanks for showing how dumb I was to fall in love. No one is EVER going to know what happened yesterday. I lied when I said I had fun. I know you didn’t enjoy our time together either, but that doesn’t excuse your DEMENTED decisions. What fucking reaction did you want to get out of me??? The only conclusion I can draw is you’re trying to make me hate you, you’re trying to get me to never speak to you again. Guess what, if you would’ve just told me to “fuck off” after our play ended, my dreams of showmance would shatter and I would believe it’s best to stay reserved. When people tell me to fuck off, I DO. You don’t need to drag it out, lead me on, and turn it into a joke, a game, a disaster. By the way, I’m never forgiving you from the things you’ve said to my friends. You wasted my time. Goodbye.