Ever since I was a little boy I had various reason why I didn’t hang out with people. Mostly because you’re all ugly and stupid with the dumbest personalities in the universe. I tried keeping to myself instead of having my desirability diminished by associating with such losers.

For years people just won’t leave me alone and they are all ugly mother fuckers.

When I reject their retarded existence they label me with problems and force themselves a part of my life more.

Why? Because I have a genius iq and because I don’t want to lick the crotches of ugly fucking retards like you losers.

It’s so gross living on a world of ugly People who molest everyone and everything desirable they can

You’re like a bunch of ugly fucking clowns trying to use what’s desirable like a cosmetic to boost your own stock.

Fuck I hate you ugly mother fuckers so much. If I knew I could get away with it I would join Muslims in another part of the world and kill ugly fuck retarded white tourists.

Fuck I hate you. I’m not interested in you. That makes me a fucking genius.

Stay away from me