What can I say? Back at it again for another rant last time I told you all about my parents stopping me from seeing my boyfriend now they are making me end the relationship but I won’t cause im in love with him. every since they made me cry on my birthday mainly my stepmom I been serious about moving out. I even started the research and yes it is going to be a struggle and a lot of work but I think its time I’m 23 for fuck sakes. If it all works out I can get full time in a public library only half an hour away from my boyfriend and my uncle/ aunt. I think its time and my dad says I’m not ready and I know my stepmom agrees. My cousin is willing to help me with my resume and all this cause she agrees. All my friends agree and even coworkers who are older then me. I’m an adult and should be independent even if I dont drive ill find solutions. I just need to leave a good break from my parents is needed with anxiety and depression my stop isn’t sensitive about the topic thinking im dramatic so she can cause some of it. but anyway wish me luck on this I really hope I can make it work and finally be truly free and happy.