You know what I hate? When a person(s) always writes these Facebook posts to try and get a simple point across – but feel the need to write it as if they’re writing a thesis or something. I’m just sitting there like – I know you in real life, you don’t talk like that. Would you explain it to me like this in person, talking face to face? Using these huge words and 2 paragraphs for something you could have just came out and said?

Like ”this illustration I present to you portraits a male wearing a cotton covering with a blend of blues and yellows”. Bitch – all you said was “this is a picture of a guy wearing a green shirt”.

Studies have shown that trying to sound smart is the worst way to try and get your point across to people. Take yourself down a notch. Not everyone feels the need to carry this extensive vocabulary. Some people chose to learn how to program a computer, be a flight attendant, be a musician, or be a landscaper. And if any of those people tried to teach you anything about their area of expertise, you would sure as hell expect them to put it in terms you can relate with.

So stop trying to sound like this highly educated person with this extensive vocabulary that most the world could give a shit about. Maybe if you just came out and said what you wanted to say, more people would actually think about it and you would have made that much more of an impact.

Now obviously I’m writing this because I’m one of those people who read these posts and don’t 100% understand every last word of it – but in the end I do understand the point they are trying to make. So I’m not knocking people for knowing big words, I’m knocking them for using them in such a careless way. I wouldn’t consider myself “uneducated”, but I also wouldnt think of myself as some genius. So it bothers me, especially when the point trying to be made is one of a social or political nature – where people who are “uneducated” would benefit the most from what you are trying to say. But its lost in translation and ignored by many, because you felt like you needed to be this sophisticated Facebook journalist so all your friends would know how smart you are.