i have tourettes syndrome, and if you dont know what it is, just know its not funny. TS is a nureological disorder that causes the person to make involentary movements or sounds. And whenever i go places im always stared at or employees come up to me and ask me to “turn it down” it also doesnt help when your a 13 year old middle school girl. no one wants to be my friend, they think theyll catch it. thats not even the worst part. People think im lying about this tragedy. they say cuz i dont randomly swear means i dont have it. something to know is that everyone tics in there own way. some people may clear their throat or yell out words, every case is diffrent. personally, my tics are finger twitches, shoulder shruggs, and a sound that goes like “hoooooo”. sometimes i will blurt out random funny things, and its okay if your laughing in a good way. but just know if you ever see someone who has a disabilty like this or anything, dont stare, and talk to us like its nothing, we wont be offened if you ask us about it,after all were informing you, just put yourself in our postion before you speak.