I hade the worst person in the world living in the apartment upstairs.
They were claiming to study law but at the same time where breaking the very law they were claiming to study
her name Jennifer Cheung
it clearly states that her and the other renters
Alexander Stephens
Catilin Mills’sheehy
Laruire Terrasa
are not permitted to use the fire steps unless there is a fire.
its clear as day on the floor plan.
The bottom part is our property.
The firer steps are not even on the plan
then JENNIFER CHEUNG suggest getting it out.
as I own the property
it also clearly states that the owner of the property is in violation of the noise by-laws.
By lay
An owner or occupier must make sure their visitors do not behave in a way which might disturb the peaceful enjoyment of an other resident. This applies to behaviour in their lot and common property.

now the people mention above violated the by law so did the owner of the up stairs.
I couldn’t get any sleep nor could I sit in my living room without them stomping.

at night time they would stomp over my bed room When we approached them they said they would wear hills
they wore hills
then Jennifer CHEUNG stomp in one spot right over my bed.
I think Alexander Stephens
stomped on the top of the other bed.

The must humours part of this JENNIFER CHEUNG
is apparently studding law.
well let me tell you
you would have a better chance of winning in court without her.

If she doesn’t even know a common strata law.

in my opinion she needs to re learn English as she seems to be having trouble comprehending common and or upper class English.


put floor boards down without noise insulation.

now I say having to move bedrooms but still getting annoyed by the loud stomping a violation of the noise by-law as i didn’t get any sleep nor could i enjoy my own home