I just love how all my friends from elementary and middle school are now all best friends now, and when I when I lived there they didn’t ever get along with each other. I love how the person who was my best friend last year, completely ignores me now for no reason, I literally did nothing wrong, but apparently I’m not good enough to be friends with her anymore because I’m not an IB student or in color guard. I love how I’ve been loyal to certain people through out elementary and middle school and they just throw me under the bus and just don’t want me anymore, even though I’m a kind compassionate friend. I love where I live now my best friend from last year has just forgotten about my existence this year, in high school now, just because I’m not Asian, I’m just a boring white girl from Montana to her, I guess. I love how my loyalty is just thrown down the toilet and people just move on like I was never there. Because, I’m a little shy and awkward apparently that defines who am I am, right? Because even though I can have a emotional conversation one on one with you, you wouldn’t want me to be in your friend group or be known as your friend with other people around. Apparently friendship isn’t about connections or loyalty anymore in this day in age, its more about the status and the fact that people actually want to hang out with you so you can take Instagram pictures. If that’s the way its going to be then fine, I guess I’ll be a friendless loser, but at least I’m not going to be back stabbed or have to act fake.