My parents suck they don’t understand anything. They think that everything I do is bad. All my friends around me are prettier and I ever get approached or even acknowledged I know this is dumb but it really fuckin sucks. All the attention goes elsewhere no one likes me everything is wrong with me I look so fucking ugly and guys only talk to me to get something out of me then they leave and I’m just a booty call no one really cares I have no one to talk to I cry everyday no one understands everywhere I go everyone is better prettier and more talented than me I’m starting to feel like I’m not worth it and I was just a fuck up in life and I was a mistake no one would even realize that I’m gone no one likes me I’m too ugly and dumb to even get s boyfriend everyone treats me like a joke and nothing in life ever works out for the past 8 years straight I have been depressed and suicidal and I just realllllllyhate everything I have tried to commit suicide a billion times but it never works out and I just hate living nothing in life is good for me not even a minute of my life is good someone help