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Stupid people arguing about stupid things they know nothing about

How come most of the time when incels or men who obviously don’t know the definition of feminism argue about these kinds of things, as well as the other way around? Why do people argue about something they DON’T KNOW THE DEFINITION TO?

Can you actually please get a little more educated before you go to the internet and write definitions on pages such as urban dictionary? I know it’s not a reliable source of information but come on, children probably go there and learn all these things. A lot of the definitions are WRONG, most of them are people shitting on the other gender just because small (but loud) parties are being toxic. Sjws talking about how toxic men are and are just being loud overall, as well as giving normal everyday feminists who actually seek equality a bad reputation.

Keep in mind that I am biologically female. I do want equality for everyone, but the reason I hate being a female is just having overall bad reputation just because of some loud people who shit on other people for existing. Same happens with some men who think of themselves as “nice guys” and talk about how all feminists are toxic and such, yet get offended whenever “toxic masculinity” is mentioned. You can be masculine without being toxic, you know? That’s why you should LOOK UP LEGIT DEFINITIONS before talking about anything and just being overall toxic.

It makes me so fucking pissed off just thinking about how stupid certain people can be. Can everyone just stop generalizing everyone and everything and accept the fact that everyone is different and there are different people all around the world?

Wow this website is good for ranting. Glad I found it. At this point I don’t care if anyone gets offended or reads this at all, I’m just glad I got this out of me. Lmao, got pissed off at a facebook post regarding the new God of War game. What the fuck is wrong with me.


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  1. Just a fuckboy

    You’re one of the most sensible people on the internet. Bravo.

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