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Stupid “Principal”

lol what a fucking joke. you think you can suspend me? you’re the principal of a fucking summer school. you’re not even an official principal of regular school. what the fuck do you think you can do? kick me out? suspend me? summer school is over, bitch! even in day school you’re nothing but a teacher and not even a regular teacher. pathetic. spending your summer still doing your job? you obviously have no friends whatsoever, bitch! lonely fuck.

time for you to stop over estimating yourself and thinking you have more authority than you do. i’m tired of students taking the piss for staff members when they don’t do jack shit. i’m tired of students not being able to have a say in anything bc of course we’re all idiotic fuck heads, right?

fuck you, bitch! you can’t suspend me! the fact that you even tried is just pathetic. summer school is DONE! GET OVER YOURSELF.


I hate my math teacher


I fucking hate Papa John’s!


  1. Cami

    Oh, Abby! What a beautiful, brave girl you are! Happy, happy birthday! Praying you will have a fantastic year being 5! You are such an amazing girl, enduring so much with a smile on your face. Many birthday blessings to yoRl!ochelue, Kaia (6), and Bailee (2)Topeka, KS

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