My far aunt who I only see once a year asked me to help her son get experience at my workplace. I was a little annoyed but assuming it would be a 2 or 3 day intern-like sessions, I said ok. Now, I aunt is asking stuff that really mean ‘can you hire my son?’ I worked my ass off and had to fix personal issues like anxiety and paranoia to get to where I am and because I am doing good, these far family members I virtually never see are trying to take me as advantage? Not only that, petty ladies at work at jealous of me because I am younger than them. I’m sorry I don’t get along with you, because to me, it seems like all you talk about are perverted shit about our male staffs which are really sexual harassment behind their backs. I want to get along with everyone, but when I am nice and showing respect, people think I’m trying to suck up to them and treat me like shit.