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Admin Post – Suggestions for site

Hello All,

It has been brought to my attention that The Place to Rant is not being utilized properly or as well as it can be.

The intention of the site has always been a place where you can rant about anything without the worries of being identified and get backlash for your views. It is also a place where you can challenge any rant, because you too deserve to have your say without repercussions. This is still something that will heart of the site.

If there is anything you would particularly like on the site or anything done to the site please email: or comment on this post. I will do my best to provide the features. No idea is too great or small.

Many Thanks,




Why do we need to know why?


  1. Anonymous

    I just wish to say that I think your site is a terrrific idea and thank you for providing it (seemingly without personal profit too)! I was actually thinking to myself how great a site where you could simply voice your opinions and rants about various issues would be so I googled it and came across your site. Thank you for letting people vent! You’re terrific to provide such a site (it may even help prevent worse outcomes!)

  2. articwater

    maybe be able to search what people post by their username or whatever name they used under the post so it will be easier to find things by that person. im not sure if this is a thing but I tried it and it didn’t seem to work

  3. Erebus Insainment

    A html widget would be cool, either a feed of the newer rants you could embed (which would also drive people here if read something interesting) or an embeddable widget that lets you create a short rant, then of course if they want to make it longer they can click a button to continue here so you’re benefiting from the widget. Or even better, a widget that does both

  4. blah

    I think friends should come under family, I think mental health should be a category, LBGTQ+ should totally become a category. I’m trans and I dont know where id rant about something to do with that! XD

  5. Anonymous

    I think you should be able to turn off comments.

  6. Anonymous

    search for tags?

  7. Anonymous

    Are double-posts on purpose? Sometimes a post will show up 3-4 times on one webpage

  8. Anonymous

    Maybe add a Significant other/partner section as well as bf/husband and gf/wife just for the sake of full gender inclusivity

  9. i smell like rectumumumum.

    how about a place to report when someone is violating guidelines.. as in FEDERAL.

  10. Anonymous

    I would enjoy seeing the “other” column at the top to browse through or having more options for categories, such as “life,” “people,” or “literally everything” bc that is usually what i want to rant about

  11. Anonymous

    How do I remove a post?

  12. Anonymous

    this hardly seems like a place to rant. it reads more like a 2009 fucking formspring account called “a place to bitch and moan about shit that i can totally control but utterly refuse to and furthermore refuse to improve myself or my circumstances because of the external locus of control that modern society has ingrained in me from birth.”

  13. Anonymous

    i thought a place to rant might have a lot of swearing in, but this is a polite place its seems. dam i will have to find a normal chat site, or has the internet been cleaned up

  14. Anonymous

    😀 yay thank you!

  15. Anonymous

    Hey there! Um. I need to ask something. Haha.

  16. Anonymous

    I found this site just a few moments ago. I don’t have much to suggest, but I’m happy I found it. Thank you for providing this tool. I could just write on a journal, but knowing that someone else can read what I feel brings me some kind of comfort. I really hope this site is completely anonymous and doesn’t store private information. Anyway, I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

    • Kaylan

      buscas aprender desde este momento como ganar dinero rapido, no solo te diremos que tienes muy buenas podieilidasbs sino que además de ello te mostraremos

  17. Anonymous

    Maybe a points system to keep people coming back. Good rants, but no discussion.

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