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I thought about it again today.. suicide. Ive been crying for the past few hours. Im trying to get myself out of this rut but it seems impossible right now. Every detail of my suicide is planned and detailed.. where i would be, how i would do it, even the things in the letters id write. I wish these thoughts would go away but ive been thinking like this for the past 4 days. Surely this isnt all the life has planned for me?
Its seeming that way though. I fail at everything i do.. ive recently failed two assignments at university.. i dont think im made to make it. I have no friends there.. or outside of uni. My one bestfriend is moving the other side of the world and i have a small family that i see.. but not as much as i used to. My partner games all the time so we go days without talking about anything significant.. he barely acknowledges my existance. So is this really what i was put on this earth for? To work and study and be alone persistantly.. Thats all? Because its not any kind of life really.. id rather not.




i hate school


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t give up x. Visit a helpline or something. Anything. Anything that will make you change your mind. Suiside is never the answer x

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