So this morning I was getting really nervous for my maths gcse paper that I was sitting at 9:15. I’d woken up at 5:30 due to nerves and I was absolutely on the brink of exploding, I had barely eaten and was rapidly hurrying through revision cards as I walked to school.
So I’m now at school and as you can imagine everyone else is nervous and irritated about the forthcoming exam which doesn’t help me at all… so now I’m really p*ssed off.
As we get into form and begin the eternal wait to the time of the dreaded exam everyone else is panicking as am I, then our chemistry/form teacher waltzes in about 10mins late and declares there is a revision session in last period. This is shock news to me and everyone else as there had been no mention of this and also everyone had planned to go home which we are allowed to do in free lessons. So she begins asking around if anyone is going and none of us are responding so then she comes over to me and asks.

I say no in a polite yet stressed way and then she suddenly goes off in a massive strop and declares that she had to make so many plans to organise this and now it’s being thrown back in her face. As a sensitive person I immediately freeze and then around 5 mins from the maths paper I nearly breakdown- thinking this is a personal attack.
So now I’m petrified about a bloody maths exam and on the brink of crying for no reason.
I need to point out that this teacher had previously agreed to organise sessions which hadn’t gone ahead much to my anger as well as others

So to conclude: I mess up a maths paper and have spent the whole evening crying because of my day- thanks teacher!
Btw I’m fine just emotional and stressed because I have 2 exams tomorrow