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Lately I have been feeling like I am not good enough for my friends or my family. I am still growing and learning but I feel like I am failing them. They seem to keep secrets from me. Maybe they are trying to protect me. Maybe they are talking about me behind my back. I just know that my friends are trust worthy and I love them. But I am scared to disappoint them. I feel stuck. I don’t know what to do and I feel like they dislike me. They all seem to just not want to be with me. I feel like I will never be happy and they think I am dumb.
– m e 🙁




if your stalking me fvck off


  1. humlpp7

    why do you need your friends to protect you? you don’t need them to do that. that is over protective and stupid unless you are under age. some friends will make out they care and they don’t at all. just be warned of that. some enemies are straight up and others are covert. that is why I have no friends at all.

  2. hj

    friends are not everything in life.

  3. faaffla5678

    stop focus on them and think of your own needs. they sound pathetic and your needy sucking into them. you got to not care who you disappoint in this world. you will disappoint others and yourself- its called life!

    I gave up caring about friends and winning approval from assholes who don’t like me as I am right now, in the present or now. you care too much about others opinions then your own.

    dumb them if they are talking about you.

    you probably aren’t good enough for them so stop worrying and just accept it.

    marriage won’t help you either to win love from others.

    people are going to dislike you, people hate me and I learnt to live with it and dish it back to anyone and everyone before they do it to me first.

    its a myth we have to be polite to others.

    the queen or the pope will not turn up on your doorstep with a badge to say “here is for being such a nice nice nice nice nice nice person all yoh life” no one will as a matter of fact care so long as the attention is on them and not you. so why worry. people only care about themselves not you. sorry to break it to you. but that is the world.

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